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Stack Bitcoin, not ‘Crypto’

It has been a loopy couple of months with the BlockFi, FTX, and different fiascos. It is a reminder to cease playing along with your crypto. Retailer it in your pockets, and stack satoshis when you may. It is bitcoin that we’re after, not crypto – this has been confirmed over and over.

18 thoughts on “Stack Bitcoin, not ‘Crypto’”

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly. There are a few things you can do to stack Satoshis without gambling your bitcoin with high APY, risky exchanges, which I will never do again. Here’s what I am doing that is risk-free:

    1 – This app: https://foldapp.com/ lets you spin for small amounts of bitcoin daily, and you can get more by getting their free debit card.

    2 – round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, and invest that into bitcoin (Bundil). It’s literally just rounding up spare change.

  2. Great advice because I totally can’t store my alt coins in a wallet. Alt coins are made to be stored on an exchange. Only Bitcoin has wallets that are able to be used. I learn so much from this sub. I wish other coins had wallets. Too bad Bitcoin is the only crypto special enough to have them.

  3. I just recently sold most of my other “crypto” off and consolidated to Bitcoin. Just waiting on my Cosmos coins to unbind and I’ll be out of everything else. Watching communities of “bag holders” fuck the little man for get rich schemes and shady propositions just really showed me all I needed to know. The rest of the coins are scams….nothing more.


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