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Stolen Ledger

A number of hours in the past my automobile was damaged in to and my bag stolen which contained my ledger, amongst different issues.

My seed phrase is in a safe location in a distinct nation however will not have entry to it for for one more few days.

1) Is it protected to attend that lengthy to switch funds to a brand new pockets. My passport was additionally stolen so that they have my identification and I so I am unable to get in another country shortly.

2) I have to report the theft to the police for my automobile insurance coverage coverage within the morning. Is there something to be gained by mentioning the stolen Ledger machine? It wasn’t declared at customs after I entered the nation.

24 thoughts on “Stolen Ledger”

  1. Sorry this shit has happened to you. Your crypto should be good if you have the seed phrase. I hope you get a new passport in a timely manner. At least you didn’t get mugged.

  2. I wouldn’t be worried the ledger will be wiped if they try to access it more than 3 times with pin.. and no need to mention the Ledger in my opinion.

    Once you import seed into new HW its business as usual.

    Sorry to hear about the car break in.

  3. 1) I hope the PIN isn’t your birthday, which would be in your passport… If it is indeed a random number, it’s very unlikely they’ll guess it within 3 tries. If the PIN is weak, I’d try to get someone you trust to get to your seed backup and call you via Signal (which is end-to-end encrypted) in a quiet place and phone you the seed words through for you to recover into for example BlueWallet and send to a new, if possible cold, wallet. For a Cold Wallet on the fly, [check out this post](https://old.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/vm1e90/how_can_i_store_safely_my_btc/idyy3j0/).

    2) No, there’s nothing to be gained by that. I wouldn’t mention it.

  4. 2.- If you don’t wan’t the government (or IRS) to know u have bitcoin, an official report claiming you lost your ledger may be useful for plausible denegability

  5. You’re 100% fine. That’s the beauty of BTC

    Whenever you can recover your seed, you can just get whatever wallet you want and access it easily

    Sorry this happened ppl fucking suck

  6. I’d advise to open a new secure wallet address like Coinbase. As long as your email address is secure you really don’t have to worry about phrases being stolen or being misplaced. I would advise to send your crypto from your previous wallet to the new secure wallet cause whoever has stolen it would definitely look for a way to get his/her hands on whatever the recovery phrase leads to. Especially if whoever it is has an idea about crypto

  7. **1st:** If they took your garage door opener, go in there and unplug your garage door opener or they’ll be robbing your home/garage next.

    **2nd:** Sorry to hear about your stuff being stolen. That always sucks.

    Finally, consider memorizing your seed phrase. Consider storing two copies, in separate locations, in case of fire or flood.

  8. If you have a copy of the seed phrase stored not very securely at home I’d be concerned, because they know you’re not there and are not getting there anytime soon. Even crooks have friends in other towns/countries they could tip off about an empty house, so if you have a tough friend who can house sit for a few days give them a call….

  9. What I did is write 7 digit fake pin on my ledger. Long enough for them to, after trying, think that they missed a digit and try again, thats 2 trys lost.

    BTW sorry for your loss, I would be interested to know is your crypto still in your wallet.

  10. Fine if a random pin. Only thing I would do is consider creating a new seed in future (no rush lol) to send funds to as they may keep the ledger for many many years down the road and who knows what the future brings, I say that because remember seeing a hacker break into a trezor with a old firmware version. Although it is so very highly unlikely personally I would as it’s nicer to know that could never be an option and for peace of mind


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