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Sure whale-addresses are growing however BTC crab-addresses(1-10BTC) are are at a brand new ATH and growing in document velocity!

Over the previous few days and weeks we’ve usually speculated on how rapidly the quantity of whale addresses of Bitcoin may be very rapidly growing which many would say is uncommon as we’re nonetheless in a bear market and with no sight of sunshine on the finish of the tunnel. However the extra baffling factor is how the quantity crab-addresses, that means addresses that hols 1-10BTC has hit a brand new ATH and is growing at high-speed.


[Chart from OnchainCollege on Twitter](https://preview.redd.it/nec3k3t8844a1.jpg?width=900&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6406823752aefc1a1be580476d8848de71d19a1a)

As we are able to see from this visualization, not solely have the crab-addresses hit a brand new ATH however its additionally growing at velocity by no means seen up to now 4 years or ever (we don’t have the entire knowledge however it’s seemingly). We’re at over 800k crabs and can certainly be quickly at a complete 1M crabs.

That is distinctive as many would have although that particularly the smaller consumers have left the markets however that’s apparently not true. Particularly the common use of DCA as “the“ bear market technique seemingly modified that.

40 thoughts on “Sure whale-addresses are growing however BTC crab-addresses(1-10BTC) are are at a brand new ATH and growing in document velocity!”

  1. I think some people see this as an opportunity to become a whole coiner, people who have been in crypto for a year or two but only managed to get small amounts are now filling their bags for the long haul.

  2. I’m not sure about the size of effect, but ex-Bitwala Nuri just ended service, and they had a setup where people could accumulate coins, but in the background those were managed in multiple smaller addresses, even for single purchases. In the last 1 month all their users had to leave the platform, which means many people who may had between 1-10BTC allocated over lots of addresses have now transferred their balance out to single addresses, consolidating lots of small to few bigger, but in reality it is not a change in the owner structure.

    Not sure about the amount this could contribute to the effect.

  3. Do people realize a those “crab” addresses could be larger entities spreading out their BTC to different addresses? There is no reason to put all your coins in a single wallet with a single point of failure when you can spread out your coins to different wallets. It’s not like every person has a single BTC wallet either. Because of this cohort on-chain data is not very useful.

    It’s same thing when people confuse wallet in/outs with buying and selling. In/out just means transferring coins and does not mean a buy or sell.

    Not sure when assumptions became reliable sources of anything quant related.

  4. It’s highly likely these are fake wallets being used to manipulate the price of bitcoin or for other reasons of fraud.

    For a very long time, 95%+ of transactions in Bitcoin have been “non-economic” (i.e. fraudulent) and are used as a means to manipulate its value and/or make exchanges appear to be more active than they actually are.

    This can be disguised by creating a bunch of wallets and then using them all to “trade” via an automated system.

  5. An institution couldn’t create a bot and management system that creates thousands of BTC addresses and then transfers BTC to them in order to run articles about retail buying back in and create an illusion of true holders. Totally.


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