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Radiant Capital launches on Ethereum MainNet, after Binance Labs $10 mm investment in aim to shake up the DeFi order, with cross chain lending approaching $1billion on the platform

In 2023, Binance Bitcoin reserves doubles, while stablecoins like BUSD and USDC reserves plummet drastically.

I’ve discovered something concerning about Binance [SERIOUS2]

Justin Sun is selling off ETH on Binance to prop up BNB.

Halving breakout called by Binance CEO could push bitcoin price to $300,000


In 2019, Binance internal chat logs show they were aiding HAMAS to launder money through the exchange.

Binance has done their 11th audit and once again it is based on “self-verification“, if they really have nothing to fear there should be Third-party audits instead…

How Binance Turned Its Failed Token ICO Into A Billion Dollar Windfall