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The Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin: Moving Away from Gambling and Sleeping Better at Night

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Man Receives Prison Sentence for Illegally Obtaining Bitcoin from Silk Road

29 Recently, a man was sentenced to prison for stealing Bitcoin from the now-defunct Silk Road marketplace. The man, Hugh Brian Haney, was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the theft of over $7 million worth of Bitcoin from the dark web marketplace. Haney was part of a group of hackers … Read more

Alex Jones Rejects a Bitcoin Donation Now Worth Over $300 Million

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Do You Feel Discouraged by the Fact That the Richest 2% of Bitcoin Wallets Own 94% of the Currency?

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Greenpeace’s Attempt to Criticize Bitcoin Through Art is a Comical Misstep

33 Greenpeace recently made headlines for their attempt to attack Bitcoin with a piece of art. The artwork, which was created by a Greenpeace artist, depicted a Bitcoin logo with a skull and crossbones in the center. The artwork was meant to be a warning about the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. Unfortunately, Greenpeace’s attempt … Read more

Is Bitcoin Still Alive?

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Inflation in the UK Remains High Despite Worsening Economic Situation in Europe Compared to US, Bitcoin Wave Expected to Follow Financial Guardrails Established in 2008

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How Monero Offers More Privacy than Bitcoin for Users Seeking Anonymity

104 When it comes to privacy-oriented users, there is no better choice than Monero. Monero is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that offers users a high level of privacy and anonymity. Unlike Bitcoin, which is a public ledger, Monero uses a technology called ring signatures to hide the sender, receiver, and amount of a transaction. This makes … Read more

Price of Bitcoin in the New Brics Global Reserve Currency

2 The world of finance is changing rapidly, and one of the most exciting developments is the emergence of Bitcoin as a global reserve currency. In recent years, the cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular, and its value has skyrocketed. Now, the New Brics Global Reserve Currency (NBGRC) has announced that it will be pricing Bitcoin … Read more

Positive MSM Coverage of Bitcoin Mining Rarely Seen

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