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U.S. National Debt Reaches Record High of $33 Trillion, Strengthening Argument for BitcoinU S. national debt tops $33 trillion for first time, making case for bitcoin

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Wikileaks’ Use of Bitcoin Demonstrates the Significance of the CryptocurrencyBitcoin Had Its First Real Use Case With Wikileaks And That Shows Why Bitcoin Is So Important

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Nostr: Decentralized Twitter & Bitcoin Lightning’s Use Case

Best case scenario for Ethereum

I’ve added people, projects and events that inspired and shaped my Bitcoin journey, on my phone case:

The case for cash (from a certain point of view)

What is the likelihood that the SEC wins its case against Coinbase and we end up with “BTC only” at all of the USA exchanges?

The SEC’s Window to File an Appeal in the Ripple Case has Officially Closed For Years