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Studying from our errors

With out going to deep into the small print, I‘ve checked out the previous couple of crypto occasions, that shocked the market, all of the crashing exchanges, chains getting robbed, Luna collapsing and I nearly all the time discovered 2 fundamental causes: The primary being insiders or builders with malicious intent or not less than … Read more

Many Crypto Peeps Will Grow to be Gold and Silver Bugs

Now I feel there historically has been quite a lot of crossover between Gold Bugs and Silver Collectors and crypto individuals, basically crypto is simply Gold 2.0, it is simpler to retailer and simpler to maneuver whereas sustaining most of the identical ideas and causes that Gold has lengthy been a retailer of worth and … Read more

Regardless of the essential bear market we’re, we’re nonetheless seen an unprecedented inflow of manufacturers and builders into the area.

That is extraordinarily bullish for one purpose. If this had been all occurring throughout a bull market, it could be anticipated. In actual fact, it could be a given. However the truth that we’re seeing these manufacturers and devs getting into the blockchain area throughout one in every of its most bearish intervals signifies that … Read more

Time for me to go off to different subreddits….

This may occasionally get eliminated… however it’s onerous to maintain unhealthy actors at bay when warnings towards them that I publish hold getting reported and eliminated…. You could not see this however… keep protected on the market… be careful for scammers and bots…. So… I am out.