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Do you tell your other half about your Bitcoin hoard? Or is it better to keep quiet about the stash, just in case you wake up one day and everything is gone?

Today is day 365 of my $5/day experiment

Today is day 365 of my $5/day experiment

History: 8 years ago people on reddit were discussing the merits of Monero. The talking points are interestingly consistent to this very day.

The first ETH Future ETF trading volume for the first day had been $425k, that is all the way down -99.95% from the first BTC Future ETF reaching $1B for its first day back in 2021.

CZ himself said that “The day after the halving, the bitcoin price won’t double overnight. But the year after the halving, bitcoin price hits multiple ATHs.“ That‘s actually very true.

The U.S. Government’s Debt Increase of $275 Billion in One Day: A Comparison to the Crypto Market’s Total Market Cap and Bitcoin’s Market CapU.S. government’s debt grew by $275 billion in just one single day. To put it into perspective that is an amount worth over 25% of total crypto market cap, over 51% of BTC’s market cap. Speaks volumes about how current market cap of crypto is just a drop in the ocean with a lot of potential upside.

Wow, that’s a lot of money! It’s amazing to think that the U.S. government’s debt grew by $275 billion in just one single day. To put it into perspective, that’s an amount worth over 25% of the total crypto market cap, and over 51% of BTC’s market cap. It really speaks volumes about how the … Read more

Will Bitcoin Ever Reach $10,000 in a Single Day?Will we ever see bitcoin move $10k in a day?

I’m curious to know what other people think about the possibility of bitcoin moving $10k in a day. I know that the cryptocurrency market is volatile and unpredictable, but do you think it’s possible for bitcoin to reach that level of value in a single day? What do you think the chances are of this … Read more

: Do You Really Know Silk Road?DAY 4: SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW SILK ROAD? Day 3 question results and Day 4 Quiz Question

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to talk about Day 4 of the Silk Road Quiz! Yesterday’s results were really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone does today. Today’s question is: So You Think You Know Silk Road? This is a great question because it really tests your knowledge of the Silk Road. … Read more