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All other sites are scams – especially be wary of:

benumbs.cards & bennumb.cards & bennumbs.cards & benumb.cc & many more…

(it can be hard to notice the S and extra N if not careful.) 

Welcome to the real deal. 

Please bookmark this link — the other sites have simply copy/pasted our html and don’t actually have any cards to sell. 

They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

irst time dnm buyer – don’t wanna f up

Help a Newbie Learn the Basics of Darknet MarketsI’m a newb at dnm but would like to learn, if you could show me what I’m doing wrong here lol

Hey everyone, I’m new to the darknet markets and I’m having a bit of trouble getting the hang of it. I’m sure I’m making some rookie mistakes, so if anyone could help me out and show me what I’m doing wrong, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Test Your Knowledge of the Silk Road with a Daily Trivia Quiz in the Leadup to the 10th Anniversary of its ShutdownThink you know Silk Road? In the leadup to the 10th anniversary of the shutdown of the OG DNM, test your knowledge with a daily Silk Road Trivia quiz

Hey everyone! I’m sure many of you have heard of the Silk Road, the original darknet market that was shut down 10 years ago. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its shutdown, I’ve created a daily Silk Road Trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the OG DNM. The quiz covers a range of topics … Read more

How long orders from dnm usually take?

Archetype is the only dnm I can access, of course they don’t take BTC. What’s the easiest way to get xmr bc it’s kicking my ass

Question on “Love Letters” referenced in The DNM Bible..

Is it protected to make use of Cake Pockets for giant exchanges?

I’ve learn just a few feedback from others throughout just a few subs saying to solely use Cake Pockets for small exchanges as a result of bigger ones can require KYC. Is that this true or am I protected to nonetheless use Cake Pockets for exchanges / sending XMR? Additionally what constitutes as a big … Read more