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Am I the one one who does not know nor care about any alternate, and does not give a rattling about FTX, Lunas, MtGox, and many others?

I generally really feel that I do not belong within the bitcoin neighborhood, since everybody appears so affected by FTX and alike conditions, besides me. My bitcoin utilization is shopping for and preserving it in my {hardware} pockets. I could not care much less if FTX or binance die, I do not purchase different shitcoins, … Read more

Searching for an trade that does not suck like Strike does

These $25 or $100 per week limits are are insane. And takes 4 days to deposit. Wtf? They’ll shove $25 up their butt. Is there a greater possibility with out excessive charges? Coinbase charging $44 for 1000 buy. That is an excessive amount of. I might like to purchase about $1000 per week. In the … Read more

Severe query… Why does not somebody go to El Salvador and get the eye of native residents by asking them to current their addresses to a spot like Twitter, or right here on reddit?

Why have not we seen this accomplished, in any respect? I would suppose it could spur loads of locals to get their addresses within the public eye. I would fortunately donate sats to folks down there, if I may really feel adequately snug that the funds have been going the place they claimed. Like, arrange … Read more

Following ‘confirm bitcoin core’ directions and Gitian is does not have v22 or v23 of bitcoincore?

Questioning how I am speculated to do the gitian confirm when the github is archived, and the final model is 21.* ? [https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/wiki/verifying_bitcoin_core](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/wiki/verifying_bitcoin_core) ​