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$2 Billion in Bitcoin left Cefi likely for cold storage in the past 3 months. This increases to over $6 Billion in the past 6 months. This is a major bullish signal as less Bitcoin on exchanges means much less selling pressure especially with ETF hype

Crypto exchange tokens are often annoying, predatory, and a bad deal for customers. And worst of all, leads to exchanges running risky Ponzi-like structure with their tokens

I caught a mistake in a Be(in)crypto article on exchange spot volume (published on Oct 17). Crypto.com is one of the only exchanges that have been experiencing consistent month-on-month increases despite the claims in the article: https://beincrypto.com/crypto-exchange-trading-volumes-low-hodlers/

Kraken Sharing User Data with the IRS

What happened to Kraken’s semi-annual audits? We haven’t seen one for >15 month!

I made a data table to help people pick exchanges

Huobi (HTX) and the curious case of unusual volume

I’ve discovered something concerning about Binance [SERIOUS2]