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Where Can My Friend Find Propranolol (a Beta Blocker) in the Drugstore?Where in the D.N could my friend find a prescription drug – Propranolol (a beta blocker)

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Seeking Information on Behalf of a Friend

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ADVICE NEEDED: Buddy handed away – serving to his household situated his holdings.

Hello, hope this subreddit may also help. A superb pal handed away all of a sudden final month. He was an success dealer with a portfolio starting from excessive 5 to early 6 figures portfolio throughout a number of platforms. We have now entry to some of his accounts/passwords/non-public keys/his telephone for 2FA. His household … Read more

My buddy mentioned bitcoin’s finite-ness was is just “pretend exclusivity” due to this fact should not be worthwhile in any respect.

They requested me what makes bitcoin worthwhile. I mentioned the truth that it is restricted to 21 million and the liquid provide would proceed to shrink on account of misplaced cash. They mentioned that the restrict was “purposely set” so the finite-ness is “pretend”. What do you guys consider this? Additionally, my buddy mentioned that … Read more