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Telegram’s CUSTODIAL Wallet May Leave You with Frozen Funds and No SupportTelegram wallet is a CUSTODIAL wallet that WILL FREEZE your funds with ZERO support.

I recently heard about Telegram wallet and was considering using it, but I’m now having second thoughts. I heard that it is a custodial wallet, which means that my funds will be frozen with zero support if something goes wrong. That’s a huge red flag for me, and I’m not sure I want to risk … Read more

SEC vs Binance.us: Allegations of Unregulated Exchange Practices, Including Lack of 1:1 Customer Funds, Ties to Main Binance, Ceffu Custody Platform, and Undisclosed Documents.SEC vs Binance.us : SEC Accused the Exchange of Not Having 1:1 of Customer Funds, Relies on Main Binance, Association with the Custody Platform Ceffu and Undisclosed Important Documents

I recently read an article about the SEC accusing Binance.us of not having 1:1 of customer funds, relying on main Binance, association with the custody platform Ceffu and undisclosed important documents. I’m curious to hear what other people think about this. Do you think the SEC is justified in their accusations? Do you think Binance.us … Read more

TIL Mr Goxx, a crypto trading hamster, outperformed most crypto traders and funds before it’s death in 2021.

Paypal should not be trusted or supported with their new crypto services, including the launch of their own stablecoin. Same company was mass banning and freezing funds of people that were using Paypal to trade cryptocurrencies.

56% of adult americans wants crypto to be more or similarly regulated relative to financial assets such as securities and investment funds

Moving funds

The bald rug-puller was begging the Euler exploiter to return funds ($200m) 3 months ago. He has now turned out to be a rugger himself. Ironic, isn’t it.

Logan Paul has not returned funds to Cryptozoo NFT buyers even after six months