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Am I the one one who’s simply SICK and TIRED of listening to about Sam Bankman-Fried? And here is the factor – we have got years extra of this….

Information article after information article, reddit put up after reddit put up, they proceed to say Sam Bankman-Fried and “why is not he in jail but”, and “the place did the cash go”, and calling him all kinds of names and simply, blah blah blah SBF blah blah blah. Man was a scammer. And scammers … Read more

This is why SBF is now performing like he is mentally insane, on Twitter

A lot of you have got now seen that SBF revealed these tweets 12 hours in the past: >1) What > >2) H [https://twitter.com/sbf_ftx/status/1592001631079497728](https://twitter.com/sbf_ftx/standing/1592001631079497728) [https://i.imgur.com/03S1WhC.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/03S1WhC.jpg) These tweets are usually not an accident. SBF is an individual with a excessive diploma of technical expertise, not a senior citizen, plus he hasn’t deleted the tweets even after … Read more

After 5 years in crypto, I finally took profit. Here’s what I learned.

[ad_1] Last night I celebrated finally breaking even with my initial investment. For clarity, I could have done this (and then some) at many points, but I’m still in the game for the long-run. I was always weary of pulling too much money out too early and kicking myself down the line. ​ I experienced … Read more