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U.S. National Debt Reaches Record High of $33 Trillion, Strengthening Argument for BitcoinU S. national debt tops $33 trillion for first time, making case for bitcoin

I recently read an article about the U.S. national debt topping $33 trillion for the first time. This is a huge amount of debt and it’s only going to get worse. This is why I think it’s time to make a case for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not controlled by … Read more

Crypto Long-Term Holders Near All-Time High, Surpassing 2015 Bear MarketThe Supply of long-term holders is coming narrowly close to hitting a new ATH in Crypto history! Beating even the 2015 bear market long-term holder conviction.

Wow, that’s amazing news! It’s incredible to see that the supply of long-term holders is coming so close to hitting a new all-time high in crypto history. It’s even more impressive that it’s beating the long-term holder conviction from the 2015 bear market. This is a great sign for the future of crypto and shows … Read more

Federal Reserve Alerts Investors of Potential Market Instability Caused by Record-Breaking Short Positions in US Treasury BondsFed warns of possible market “disruption” due to record high short positions against US Treasuries.

I’m a bit concerned about the recent news that the Federal Reserve has warned of possible market “disruption” due to record high short positions against US Treasuries. It seems like the market is becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable, and I’m worried about the potential implications for investors. Has anyone else heard anything about this? What … Read more

How Supply in Profit and Losses Has Followed the Bull and Bear Markets Over TimeEvery bull market we had a higher high in Supply in Profit, while in each bear market we had a higher low of Supply in Losses too. This historical metric is still playing out the exact same this time too.

I’ve been tracking the historical metric of supply in profits and losses during bull and bear markets, and it’s been fascinating to see how it’s playing out this time too. During each bull market, we’ve seen a higher high in supply in profits, while in each bear market we’ve seen a higher low in supply … Read more

Will Your Favourite Cryptocurrency Ever Reach Its All-Time High Price Again?Sorry to break it to you, but your favourite crypto might never go back to its all-time high price. Ever!

I’m sorry to say it, but it looks like my favorite crypto might never go back to its all-time high price. I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s important to be realistic. I’ve been following the crypto market for a while now, and it’s clear that the market is unpredictable and … Read more

What if… There is no higher high in the next years? Possible scenarios.

Waiting for a new All-time high? Well, in Turkey we are already inching closer to hit a new ATH since 2021, the power/pain of hyperinflation.

Once again many people that bought at over $30k sold at under $30k. Guess people just wonβ€˜t ever stop with β€œbuying high and selling lowβ€œ, even over the short-term.

The High Cost of Inflation, Recession, and Banking/Monetary Crisis: Understanding the Difference Between a Real Bull Market and a Bear Market Rally We Experienced in 2020

5 The world is currently facing a harsh lesson in the form of high inflation, recession, and a banking/monetary crisis that affects all markets. This has been a difficult time for many, and it is important to understand the difference between a real bull market and a bear market rally we had earlier this year. … Read more

What’s Behind Bitcoin’s Dominance Reaching a 2-Year High as Altcoins Struggle?

7 The cryptocurrency market has been in a state of flux over the past few months, with Bitcoin (BTC) dominating the market and altcoins breaking down. Bitcoin dominance, which measures the percentage of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization held by Bitcoin, is currently at its highest point in two years. This means that Bitcoin is … Read more