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Is it protected to make use of Cake Pockets for giant exchanges?

I’ve learn just a few feedback from others throughout just a few subs saying to solely use Cake Pockets for small exchanges as a result of bigger ones can require KYC. Is that this true or am I protected to nonetheless use Cake Pockets for exchanges / sending XMR? Additionally what constitutes as a big … Read more

How can I do know my stability quantity to show or present it on exterior software?

I am looking out other ways to extract my trezor stability to show it on an exterior software and I discovered that documentation. [https://docs.trezor.io/trezor-suite/index.html](https://docs.trezor.io/trezor-suite/index.html) I am undecided if it sufficient safe. Do you may have different methods to do it? Sorry for my unhealthy english and I admire your assist.

Is there a proof for not getting the complete contents of a purchase order?

Purchased some ETH on coinbase this morning, appears that it did not all find yourself in my account (purchased 6.8, acquired 5.7). There are not any transactions following stated buy. I am at a loss as to what occurred right here; I am open to the concept I did one thing silly (assist has been … Read more

Do you assume institutional adoption helps to develop bitcoin’s general adoption?

Appears it is a easy manner that helps bitcoin get into diversified portfolios of many. Sure, it is higher if individuals begin actually understanding bitcoin’s worth proposition and consciously begin accumulating it, however that is robust – even most clever individuals I do know are nonetheless dismissive of the concept and think about it as … Read more