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Cryptocurrency Investors View the Dollar as a Low-Value AssetDollar looks like a sh*tcoin from crypto’s perspective

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Federal Reserve Alerts Investors of Potential Market Instability Caused by Record-Breaking Short Positions in US Treasury BondsFed warns of possible market “disruption” due to record high short positions against US Treasuries.

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How Bitcoin Exchange Flows Highlight Investors’ Trust in Growth

TIL that Ruja Ignatova, after founding a huge fake crypto Ponzi scheme called OneCoin that defrauded investors of $4 billion, disappeared in 2017 ahead of a US warrant for her arrest. As of last year she has been on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. Many consider her the world’s most wanted woman.

Serious. How long does Solana need to go without outages to win back the trust of investors?

Change my mind: the vast majority of crypto investors should be mostly invested in BTC and ETH

Many retail investors have already departed. Their chances of success seem slim.

Crypto Horror Stories for the new investors