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I simply had the longest 2 hours of my life. Replace your pockets software program earlier than transfering coin!

I purchased a major quantity of bitcoin (to me) on coinbase a couple of weeks in the past. Determined to maneuver it into my ledger pockets. I copied the obtain handle from the pockets to Coinbase and clicked ship. 10 minutes goes by it would not arrive within the pockets. half-hour go by. That is … Read more

Crypto has given me, for the first time in my life, a meaningful way to give back to my parents

[ad_1] Perhaps like a lot of you, even though I’m an adult there’s never really been a way for me to meaningfully give back to my parents for everything they did raising me. Sure there’s the obvious stuff like “the best reward you can give your parents is to be a good person, work hard, … Read more

It’s the year 2031. How is crypto implemented in everyday life and what’s definitely changed/extinct/created?

[ad_1] Boomers are the last generation creating savings accounts. Banks exist but have completely separated sections for crypto, interests rates are a bit higher because people demand more. Ticketmaster, Western Union = hopefully burned to the ground. El Salvador is probably a home ground of some James Bond villain preparing to kill everyone with cybercryptoattack. … Read more