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Twitter Discontinues BTC Lightning Ideas

Twitter Discontinues BTC Lightning Ideas JUST IN: Twitter publicizes they’re discontinuing the #Bitcoin lightning tip function after utilization fails to surpass $8500 TOTAL quantity. Twitter to switch it with “coin ideas” which transacts fiat as an alternative of BTC. pic.twitter.com/dXahyKSmyr — CryptoVinco (@CryptoVinco) December 5, 2022

⚡ Lightning Thursday! November 24, 2022: Discover the Lightning Community!⚡

The lightning community is a second-layer answer on prime of the Bitcoin blockchain that allows fast, low-cost and scalable Bitcoin funds. Right here is the place to debate and be taught extra about lightning! Ask your questions on lightning Present evaluations, suggestions, comparisons of LN apps, providers, web sites and so forth Study new LN … Read more

Unable to withdraw BTC through lightning on OKX

Is anybody additionally experiencing this difficulty? Just a few days in the past I used to be in a position to withdraw it. Once I clicked Submit, I obtained BTC in my MUUN simply in 1 second. Nonetheless, It has been half-hour, and it nonetheless reveals **in progress (anticipated to reach in 4-5 minutes)**.

How does lightning work in a pockets akin to blue pockets? few Q’s.

They make it “straightforward” to make use of, however I ponder if my pockets is opening a lightning channel once I “high up”, in all probability towards their very own node? (they do point out I can use my very own, however what occurs if I do not) Or have they got their very own … Read more

How does the dollar part of the El Salvador Lightning wallet rollout work?

From what I understand El Salvador’s Lightning wallets can transact and convert between bitcoin and dollars. Are those dollars being stored and sent over Lightning? Do they have the same assurances as BTC has on the Lightning network? And are those dollars using a stablecoin like USDC? View Reddit by notapersonaltrainer – View Source