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Friday Monero Market Thread – November 03, 2023

Anyone can HODL in a bull market … You can only call yoursef a HODLER only if you have hodl through at least 50% loss and still make it through. If you have held through 2022/23 Celcius, lunaterra, FTX then yes you are a true holder

Friday Monero Market Thread – October 27, 2023

The battle of the 200 week moving averages – featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum/Bitcoin, and the Total Market Cap. Oh and Moons.

Buying at the top / living through bear market

Could BlackRock manipulate the market and crash USDT to buy low?

Friday Monero Market Thread – October 20, 2023

Just capitulated 37% of my stack to buy my first house during a shitty real estate market

What Cointelegraph did by posting a fake-news tweet is a form of market manipulation called “False Market”.

In the next bull market people will be saying that we got lucky, but only we can remember the pain we went through to come out on the other side…