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Something weird is going on once again in crypto. Voyager price shot up 16% after 20% of the total supply of Voyager’s token, worth $7.3 Million was sent to a burn address. The wallet allegedly belongs to Voyager though unconfirmed. Regardless, it looks like someone messed up BIG TIME

Considering that there are currently approximately 20 million people worldwide who possess investable capital of 1 million US dollars, how realistic do you believe it is for 1 Bitcoin to be worth 1 million US dollars in 10 to 20 years?

Reddit’s decision today has created a lot of unfortunate bagholders. Two hours in and the top 500 token accounts face losses near 10 Million and individual wallets face losses of 6.6 Million

fake ETF news just wiped over $150 Million of positions in a few minutes

How an ad cost an user 1.7 Million dollars

13 years ago, a Bitcoin forum user lost 9000 BTC (worth around $630 at the time) due to a simple technical error, an amount that is now worth over $240 million.

Ex Alameda engineer details how Alameda lost a total of $200 million in at least 3 separate incidents including phishing, seed phrase leak, and being rugpulled.

Mistake or money laundering? User pays $1.6 million for one CrypToadz!