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“A Year of Running PRE Nodes: My Experience So You Don’t Have To”

0 If you’ve been considering running a node for the PRE network, you may have been wondering if it’s worth the effort. After all, running a node requires a significant amount of time and energy, and it’s not always clear what the benefits are. I recently ran a PRE node for a year, and I’m … Read more

Using Tor Bridges and VPNs to Combat Malicious Guard Nodes

19 In recent years, the use of Tor-bridges and VPNs has become increasingly popular as a way to combat malicious guard nodes. Guard nodes are the first point of contact for a user when they connect to the Tor network, and they can be used to monitor and track a user’s activity. By using Tor-bridges … Read more

Why do Cardano transactions continually fail on Coinbase? Is one thing improper along with your nodes?

Appears almost each time I make a withdraw from this platform there may be an error. One hour later I get the notification my funds have returned, and appears to often work on the second strive. This isn’t one thing to do with the Cardano community, which is, and has been, working simply high quality. … Read more

Is a blockchain the sum of nodes + the sum of miners/validators?

Hiya, I am actually attempting to wrap my head round what we imply once we say “an operation is completed by the blockchain” vs “an operation is completed by the nodes”. Mainly, the weather composing a blockchain are the nodes that confirm transactions and miners/validators that create new blocks. Solely these 2 are wanted to … Read more

Im wondering if anyone here knows if the China ban on exchanges and mining included simple nodes / validators?

Wondering if any simple nodes were able to stay running after the crackdown. Like Daedalus wallet, etc. Ahh more character count needed, hmm let’s see. Expanding my thoughts; watching the ban happen with that drastic drop in global hashrate really reinforced my faith in cryptocurrencies. I’m wondering if this ban also included nodes in wallets … Read more