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if I write down my pockets seed key out of order, and somebody finds it, can they use automation to seek out appropriate order and steal my pockets contents?

Let’s assume that they do not know the system I used to get them organized. Are the permutations of orders of phrases (additional restricted by one phrase being a checksum of types) low sufficient that individuals might write a program that tries all of the legitimate mixtures? Whether it is simple to take action, what … Read more

apple order keep cancelling – i’m a refunder, is it my opsec?

just to keep it short and to the point I’ve been experiencing a number of cancellations. i do refunding so the cards i use belong to me. My opsec set up: linux host>whonix gateway>whonix workstation > rdp>multilogin antidetect browser + 911 proxy it shows all green on pixel scan so I’m not sure what could … Read more