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Can we exchange all cases of Bankman’s punchable face with pics of puppies?

I am bored with all articles and SBF face throughout, on all websites I go to. It is nonetheless like half the articles on this sub. Setting apart how traders who’ve funds caught there might be made entire once more, I do not care about this shitty firm and the ‘sensible’ hack of a prick … Read more

How would you need crypto exchanges to be regulated?

Primarily based on my restricted data on crypto, I don’t assume you’ll be able to regulate crypto exchanges with out regulating crypto itself proper? I can consider two foremost causes and possibly extra? 1) crypto is very risky and pitted in opposition to steady USD. If consumer buys 2 million {dollars} price of bitcoins from … Read more

CCIP-045 Implement character requirement for father or mother feedback in SERIOUS discussions

# Drawback With the SERIOUS tag being carried out we at the moment are beginning to see some severe discussions happen within the sub. Whereas severe tagged posts are supposed to be held to the next degree of content material customary this isn’t the best to reasonable, after a while the upper degree dialogue does … Read more