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Be Very Wary Of Buying BTC From PayPal

PayPal Can Block Access to Your Cryptocurrency FundsPayPal Can Freeze Your Crypto Assets

I recently heard that PayPal is now allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrency, but I’m a bit concerned about the potential risks. I heard that PayPal can freeze your crypto assets if they suspect any suspicious activity. Has anyone else heard about this? Is there any way to protect yourself from this happening? Any … Read more

Incredible Growth: Stablecoins Trading Volume Surpasses PayPal and Reaches Visa Levels in Just 6 Years.In just 6 years the Stablecoins annual trading volume has eclipsed PayPal and is on level with Visa now. Fascinating growth.

Wow, it’s amazing to see how far Stablecoins have come in just 6 years! Their annual trading volume has now eclipsed PayPal and is on level with Visa. This is a fascinating growth rate and it’s exciting to see what the future holds for Stablecoins. I’m curious to hear what other people think about this … Read more

PayPal Didn’t Make the 500k Fee Mistake – It Was PaxosIt Was Paxos who made the 500k fee mistake, not PayPal

I recently heard about the 500k fee mistake that was made by Paxos, not PayPal. I’m really surprised that this happened, especially since Paxos is a well-known and respected financial services company. It’s really unfortunate that this happened, and I hope that Paxos is able to learn from this mistake and prevent it from happening … Read more

PayPal Revealed as Entity Behind $510k Bitcoin Transaction FeeThe entity that paid a $510k fee for a Bitcoin transaction has been revealed to be PayPal themselves.

I just read an article that PayPal paid a $510k fee for a Bitcoin transaction. This is huge news! It’s a sign that PayPal is taking Bitcoin seriously and that they are investing in the cryptocurrency. It’s also a sign that Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream and accepted by larger companies. I’m excited to see … Read more

PayPal Accidentally Transfers $500,000 Fee to Wrong RecipientPayPal has been identified as the entity that accidentally sent the $500,000 fee.

I can’t believe it! PayPal has been identified as the entity that accidentally sent the $500,000 fee. I’m sure this is a huge mistake and I’m sure PayPal is doing everything they can to rectify the situation. I’m sure they are working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again. It’s a shame that such … Read more

Is the Colorado DMV’s Acceptance of Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option via PayPal a Step Towards Mass Adoption?Colorado DMV is now “accepting” cryptocurrency as a payment option (via paypal). Is this further progression for mass adoption to crypto? :D

Hey everyone! I just heard that the Colorado DMV is now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option through PayPal. This is really exciting news and I’m wondering if this is a sign of further progression for mass adoption of cryptocurrency. I’m curious to hear what everyone else thinks about this news. Do you think this … Read more

Paypal is using their platform to pump their new stablecoin PYUSD, force crypto traders to use it and absolutely rip-off customers making them pay 2X fees. They pushing their coin was expected but what they are doing is very extreme

Paypal to increase spread on Crypto purchases

Paypal should not be trusted or supported with their new crypto services, including the launch of their own stablecoin. Same company was mass banning and freezing funds of people that were using Paypal to trade cryptocurrencies.