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Finest Place to Educate Myself About Setting Up and Working a BTC Node

I used to be questioning if anybody had any suggestions on the place I might educate myself on setting and working a btc node, eager to get deeper into my btc jouriney and this looks as if the subsequent step. I’ve a laptop computer I might dedicate to it that isn’t getting used for something. … Read more

What’s the finest place to find out about Bitcoin?

I have been studying lots of totally different assets on-line and can not seem to wrap my head round how this know-how works and what the easiest way is to purchase, retailer, and use Bitcoin. I am misplaced within the terminology of ledgers, wallets, chilly storage, keys, phrases, seeds, and the like. What’s the finest … Read more

Severe query… Why does not somebody go to El Salvador and get the eye of native residents by asking them to current their addresses to a spot like Twitter, or right here on reddit?

Why have not we seen this accomplished, in any respect? I would suppose it could spur loads of locals to get their addresses within the public eye. I would fortunately donate sats to folks down there, if I may really feel adequately snug that the funds have been going the place they claimed. Like, arrange … Read more

Best place to retailer btc whereas ready for a {hardware} pockets?

Within the meantime whereas ready for that to reach, the place is the simplest and finest place transfer my btc off the alternate to? Wouldn’t it be secure in one thing like a TrustWallet for a number of weeks whereas a {hardware} pockets arrives? Any assist and suggestions could be nice.