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“Encouraging Positive Discourse Around Bitcoin During the Next Bull-Run”During the next bull-run we need to tell people something besides “Have fun staying poor.” It is a smug & somewhat toxic and very juvenile message that turns people off to the idea of having any conversation with people about Bitcoin.

Hey everyone, I think it’s important to remember that during the next bull-run, we need to be mindful of the messages we are sending to people who are new to Bitcoin. Saying something like “Have fun staying poor” is not only smug and toxic, but it’s also very juvenile. It’s not going to encourage people … Read more

“Though I May Be Financially Struggling, I Feel Wealthy with Bitcoin”I maybe poor but I feel rich with BTC

I’m sure many of us have heard the phrase “I may be poor, but I feel rich with Bitcoin”. It’s a phrase that has been around for a while, and it’s one that I think really speaks to the power of cryptocurrency. I’m sure many of us have experienced the feeling of being financially limited, … Read more

Trump’s One-of-a-Kind Cards Receive Hilariously Poor ReviewsTrump Released His 1-of-1 Special Cards and It’s Hilariously Bad

I just saw the news that Trump released his 1-of-1 special cards and it’s hilariously bad. I mean, it’s so bad that it’s almost funny. I can’t believe he actually thought this was a good idea. It’s like he’s trying to make a joke out of himself. I’m sure there are some people out there … Read more

Is Investing a Small Amount of Money Each Week in 20/30 Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase a Poor Decision?Is DCAing a few bucks every week into 20/30 tokens on Coinbase a dumb idea?

I’m considering DCAing a few bucks every week into 20/30 tokens on Coinbase. Is this a dumb idea? I’m new to investing and want to make sure I’m making the right decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

UN Accuses IMF and World Bank of Failing to Assist Poor Nations

I think it’s great that the UN is speaking out against the IMF and World Bank for not doing enough to help poor countries. It’s unacceptable that these organizations are only benefiting rich countries and not doing enough to help those in need. We need to make sure that these organizations are held accountable and … Read more

Sorry for My Poor English, but Hello World!

6 Hello world! It’s a phrase that has been around for decades, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of many. Whether you’re a programmer, a writer, or just someone who loves to explore the world of technology, the phrase “Hello world!” is a reminder of the possibilities that exist in the … Read more