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TIL – The longest running blockchain produced its first block well before Bitcoin was born. Till this day you can find it (weekly) as a print in the classified section of the The New York Times.

Remember when US Congressman Brad Sherman said “maybe we do print money out of thin air, but we’re the US government”

The Monero ATM Project: A do-it-yourself automated teller machine that runs free software. They provide instructions to build an ATM. Withdraw Monero for fiat instantly or print vouchers for cash withdrawals.

I’m Impressed with the Fine Art Print of Dorian Nakamoto I Made with Ai’s Help

3 I recently had the pleasure of creating a fine art print of Dorian Nakamoto with the help of Ai. I must say, I’m quite impressed with the results! The process of creating the print was surprisingly simple. I started by uploading a high-resolution image of Dorian Nakamoto to the Ai platform. From there, the … Read more

(Tutorial)How to print infinity crypto with nfts

I’ll tell u a secret to printing free crypto with nfts in couple steps.. Step 1.Get some wallets/adresses for transfers Step 2.With adress #1 create a nft(obviously once ether gas fee gets lower) Step 4.Deposit 100$ to adress #2 and purchase your nft Step 5.Deposit 300$ to adress #3 and purchase your nft from adress … Read more