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Connect to a Remote Machine Through RDP Over Tor on Mac OS

8 If you’re a Mac user who needs to access a remote machine over the Tor network, you’re in luck. With the right tools, you can easily connect to a remote machine using RDP over Tor from Mac OS. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, and it’s a protocol that allows you to access a … Read more

Twitter Discontinues BTC Lightning Ideas

Twitter Discontinues BTC Lightning Ideas JUST IN: Twitter publicizes they’re discontinuing the #Bitcoin lightning tip function after utilization fails to surpass $8500 TOTAL quantity. Twitter to switch it with “coin ideas” which transacts fiat as an alternative of BTC. pic.twitter.com/dXahyKSmyr — CryptoVinco (@CryptoVinco) December 5, 2022

Michael Saylor describing precisely how FTX acquired wiped utterly out

Say what you need in regards to the man, however his thoughts is subsequent stage genius on the subject of determining shit like this. Saylor breaks down precisely what was happening at FTX and the way it sunk itself: [Michael Saylor Destroys Sam Bankman-Fried From FTX – YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsPNjskCHr8)

Bitcoin volatility vs adoption for on a regular basis use – How can Bitcoin be adopted by most individuals and companies in the event that they promote one thing or obtain cash and the subsequent day it could possibly be value 10% much less?

Or if their previous month of gross sales simply sunk 15% due to BTC’s volatility? It’s the one factor left for me to know to assist construct my imaginative and prescient of Bitcoin’s success. Enlighten me.

Cryptocurrency is a valued foreign money developed on the Web, whereas Rage Comics are memes primarily based on the Web, with the mix of blockchain We worth memes by a decentralized group

Rage Comics are way more like comedian cartoon faces, the place Troll Face are part of it , they’re a particular sort of meme, and will all the time stay accessible on-line, subsequently , a decentralized group processed to design a 3D model of Troll Face as NFTs to construct a decentralized group that results … Read more