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No improve in rewards after staking AYP improve?

I have been staking ETH2 and the AYP charge has been hovering round ~3.8% for some time. In that point I used to be repeatedly receiving rewards that hovered across the similar quantity every time. Within the final week or two, the AYP has jumped to six.85%. Nevertheless, my rewards stay the identical quantity as … Read more

Trezor ETH Stability incorrect – Not exhibiting block rewards.

I often ship my block rewards to my Ledger, it really works no downside. However yesterday I modified them to a Trezor deal with. Nonetheless, the app doesn’t present the block reward eth in my account. Right here is the [etherscan link](https://etherscan.io/deal with/0xE4bB71Aef5ca54732e5BD23d672e9829a7b43a2D) to my new Trezor pockets deal with, you will notice a produced … Read more

Soon you will be able to earn more BAT with Brave Swap Rewards Program

[ad_1] We know that MetaMask and other DEX swap service providers receive a small fee with each swap and Brave is trying to incentivize this process. They will be offering rebates equal to 20% of the user’s swap transaction fees, in the form of BAT. Each month they will allocate up to 20% of the … Read more