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FTX: A Family Business Fraud Involving Tens of Millions, Tax Law Advice, and a $14M Property Titled to His Parents with SBF Claiming IgnoranceFTX was a family business fraud . His mother received tens of millions through her PAC. His father advised on tax law, for “free”(& later for $1M). Even his sister was a “consultant”. Also, SBF effectively said he has no idea how a $14M “company” property was titled to his parents.

I recently read an article about FTX and the family business fraud that was uncovered. It’s unbelievable that FTX’s mother received tens of millions of dollars through her PAC, and his father was advising on tax law for free (and later for $1M). Even his sister was a “consultant”. It’s also concerning that SBF effectively … Read more

Should You Invest in the Newly Launched FTX 2.0 Despite the $16 Billion in Customer Claims?Will You Trust and Trade in Relaunched FTX? | FTX 2.0 in Plans | Without SBF, Of Course | Still Have to Settle $16 Billion Customer Claims

I’m interested in hearing what other people think about the relaunch of FTX 2.0. I’m a bit concerned about the fact that they won’t have SBF, and that they still have to settle $16 billion customer claims. I’m wondering if it’s still a good idea to trust and trade in the relaunched FTX? What do … Read more

SBF Granted Access to Air-gapped Laptop While in Jail

[SERIOUS] Justin Sun said, β€œI’m a Advocate of Bitcoin, currently maintaining a Substantial Holding of 100k+ BTC.” As it Appears, Huobi is likely Insolvent, This advocate better turn up in Court when Huobi goes Down. We have a new SBF in the Making.

Correcting fake news: The bald deployer is not SBF or Alameda, it’s Milkyway, a twitter influencer

More evidence SBF might be the Bald rugpull dev?

It appears SBF rugged BALD on Base chain for $20m+

SBF did completely nothing fallacious.

I will take the hate; He did not do something fallacious. I see all this bitching about nothing. Unregulated means precisely that. You need no guidelines and arms off your stuff. That is precisely what you bought. The one shocking factor is that this occurs so not often. This ought to be occurring each day. … Read more