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They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

What Are the Reasons for Government/Investor/Financial Institution Disapproval of Cryptocurrency and Its Labeling as a Scam?

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic of debate in recent years, with many people questioning its legitimacy and reliability. Despite its growing popularity, cryptocurrency is still disliked by many in government, investors, and financial institutions, who often refer to it as a scam. The primary reason why cryptocurrency is disliked by many in government, investors, … Read more

PSA: There isn’t a restricted version Porsche/Rolls Royce/Adidas NFT. It is a rip-off.

Per week or two in the past, whereas mindlessly scrolling, a put up caught my eye. Rolls Royce was apparently providing a restricted version NFT drop to the primary 750 customers who signed up. I am unable to lie, it fooled me for a break up second – the thought of a high-end retailer doing … Read more


Regardless of ensures that got to me in writing by way of electronic mail and customer support, I’ve not been capable of make a payout to this point, quite the opposite, after each assure and after each promise, one other error occurred that required a deposit in order that I might make a allowed to … Read more

Potential rip-off going round (or I’m simply new)

Hello. Thought I’d try to make a submit about this. I entered right into a “giveaway” yesterday and acquired an nft of a trustwallet with the key phrase. Logged on to search out $4000 in usdt TRC20. Needed to analysis methods to convert/ship to totally different addresses. I noticed it required roughly $.92 price of … Read more

JFC Please stop falling for the Coinbase Live Chat scam

THERE IS NO LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT COINBASE Please do not continue to respond to the private chat messages on Reddit who instruct you to open Trust wallets and buy coins. This is a scam. It’s incredible that Coinbase doesn’t do more to help their customers. The lack of support is creating a huge opportunity … Read more

Alert CRYPTOPUFFS/ BINANCE CRUNCH is scam, ( a real warning)

This post isn’t written by me, it’s from a guy who got scammed, and hasn’t enough karma to let people let about the scam. The guy who got scammed, and wrote the post is u/Plastic_Ad7397 So here is the thing. Since is more easy to shut up difficult questions by baning in Telegram here i … Read more

Twitter FUDster “CryptoWhale” is really just a scam artist CryptoRandy, and a BSV supporting fraud. These are not actors in good faith. Dont believe their lies.

There is a prominent account CryptoWhale which literally posts alarming shit 24×7 about crypto, how BTC will go to $7k, how this dev, that project, this wallet, exchange all are scams and will be arrested etc. The FUD literally never stops from this guy and his associated shills. Recently this scammer also posted in favor … Read more