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SEC vs Binance.us: Allegations of Unregulated Exchange Practices, Including Lack of 1:1 Customer Funds, Ties to Main Binance, Ceffu Custody Platform, and Undisclosed Documents.SEC vs Binance.us : SEC Accused the Exchange of Not Having 1:1 of Customer Funds, Relies on Main Binance, Association with the Custody Platform Ceffu and Undisclosed Important Documents

I recently read an article about the SEC accusing Binance.us of not having 1:1 of customer funds, relying on main Binance, association with the custody platform Ceffu and undisclosed important documents. I’m curious to hear what other people think about this. Do you think the SEC is justified in their accusations? Do you think Binance.us … Read more

SEC Takes Action Against Mila and Ashton Kutcher-Backed Stoner Cats for ‘Unregistered’ NFT OfferingsMila and Aston Kutcher-Backed Stoner Cats Faces SEC Enforcement Action for ‘Unregistered’ NFT Offerings

I just read an article about Mila and Aston Kutcher-backed Stoner Cats facing SEC enforcement action for their ‘unregistered’ NFT offerings. It’s really concerning to see a company backed by such high-profile celebrities getting into trouble with the SEC. It’s a reminder that even if you have the backing of a celebrity, you still need … Read more

Grayscale Says Its fund Is Now Ready To Operate As A Bitcoin ETF, Wants To Meet SEC

The media is focused on SEC actions against crypto, but ignores them against banks

Bloomberg reports that the Grayscale win vs SEC is “massive” for Bitcoin

Is the SEC going to make the U.S. lose the crypto race?

Why doesn’t the SEC arrest and criminally charge bad actors in crypto?

Crypto influencer “Soulja Boy” ordered to pay $45,784 by the SEC for promoting Justin Sun’s Tron and BitTorrent tokens

Why did the SEC approve a 2x Bitcoin futures ETF, but refused multiple times to approve a regular Bitcoin spot ETF? SEC always claims their decisions are based on investor protection, so how does that make sense?

What is the likelihood that the SEC wins its case against Coinbase and we end up with “BTC only” at all of the USA exchanges?