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Cease shilling your dumb shitcoins when the market is clearly not secure atm.

I’ve nothing towards shitcoins normally, if folks wanna do their due diligence and mess around they’re allowed to take action. However nothing pisses me off greater than apparent and coordinated shill efforts that are supposed to draw folks in to allow them to bag maintain for degen backdoor manipulators. Within the latest pump there’s already … Read more

Cease telling individuals to purchase a Ledger when they’re about to be rug pulled by a CEX

Throughout the entire FTX debacle, I’ve watched normies asking how can they take their corn out of exchanges and the commonest solutions have been “straightforward, simply purchase a ledger and switch them there”. That isn’t probably the most helpful recommendation for a number of causes: * it’d take weeks for his or her ledger to … Read more

1) Bitcoin is the cash you wish to spend final; 2) Once you wish to spend Bitcoin, no authorities on earth can cease you.

Remarkably, 1) follows from 2), and a couple of) follows from 1). We will add: 3) People will transact in Bitcoin for all kinds of causes which don’t have anything to do with and even run opposite to 1) and a couple of). Due to this fact 1) and a couple of) additionally comply with … Read more

This may be one of the best answer to the “Not Your Keys, Not your Bitcoin” subject + belief in exchanges subject and it might truly cease the necessity for extra regulation. Right me if I am mistaken, inform me when you have a greater concept.

I’ve labored at a number of totally different centralized exchanges over time and I’ve seen some attention-grabbing practices that are supposed to reduce consumer error or the consumer change into a sufferer of a hack. Having an EULA that claims, “We personal your crypto whether it is on our trade. You don’t personal your crypto … Read more

JFC Please stop falling for the Coinbase Live Chat scam

[ad_1] THERE IS NO LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT COINBASE Please do not continue to respond to the private chat messages on Reddit who instruct you to open Trust wallets and buy coins. This is a scam. It’s incredible that Coinbase doesn’t do more to help their customers. The lack of support is creating a huge … Read more