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Today Marks the 1st Anniversary of Tail Emission!

1 Today marks the one-year anniversary of Tail Emission, a revolutionary new technology that has revolutionized the way we think about vehicle emissions. Tail Emission is a revolutionary new technology that uses a combination of advanced sensors and software to measure and monitor vehicle emissions in real-time. This technology has been instrumental in helping to … Read more

“Get Your Copy of the ‘Why Cryptocurrencies?’ eBook Today!”

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In 2014, 2000 Afghan Women Were Paid in Bitcoin, Worth Up to $16k Today, Despite Average Monthly Income of Just $57

10 In 2014, a revolutionary project was launched in Afghanistan that would change the lives of many women in the country. The project was called the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP) and it employed 2000 Afghan women to write blogs. At the time, the average monthly income in Afghanistan was only $57, so the AWWP … Read more

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Today I Had a Good Laugh at a Scam NFT Site That Used Random Photos for Their Founders With Very Recognizable Names

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What is the Most Effective Method of Buying Bitcoin Today?

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Help Gregory Nigro Become a Millionaire – Donate $1 Today!

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Approximately $322.18 Million Lost as 119,056 Crypto Traders are Liquidated Today

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My Government Gave Me Another Reason to Invest in More Bitcoin Today

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Someone Other Than Me Invested in Bitcoin for the First Time Today

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