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They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

10,000+ trades milestone passed through Trocador on Cake Wallet / Monero.com

[UPDATES] Now store Ethereum in Cake Wallet beta (easier XMR <> stablecoin/ETH trades)

What is the Reconciliation Process for Crypto Taxes After Uploading Trades to Find Errors, etc.?

Crypto taxes can be a tricky and confusing process for many investors. With the rise of digital currencies, it’s important to understand the tax implications of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. One of the most important steps in the crypto tax process is the reconciliation process. This is the process of ensuring that all of … Read more

Misplaced $145k attributable to 3commas API breach, leveraging CB Professional trades

tldr; Change your API keys ASAP &#x200B; I am an fool, and did not comply with up on altering API keys when 3commas notified me through e mail that they’ve been seeing an uptick in fraud. 3commas claims its all been phishing scams and never a breach with their system so I wasn’t in a … Read more

Advanced Trade’s Depth Chart and Trade History Are Huge Downgrades

u/coinbase, The downgrades to the **depth chart** and **trade history** baffle me. On Coinbase Pro, you can easily view large depth chart and order history panes with sufficient vertical resolution. This allows a trader to more easily view crucial information at a glance. On Advanced Trade, the depth chart and trade history panes are jammed … Read more

Trading on Silverbugs and other subs is popular. How realistic, or useless, would it be to build up reputation on CC to make trades here? What are your thoughts?

I enjoyed Silverbugs for a couple years. I bought a couple pieces from there and paid via Paypal. There was rarely an instance of someone scamming someone else. It did happen, of course. So, I was just wondering if a similar system would work here on CC. My first thought is… it’s too big. There … Read more