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Highlighting Crypto’s Superiority, Binance Halts USD Deposits and Withdrawals

6 The recent news that Binance, one of the worldโ€™s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has stopped accepting USD deposits and withdrawals highlights yet again why crypto is superior to traditional methods of moving money. Cryptocurrency has been gaining traction in recent years as a viable alternative to traditional banking and payment systems. This is due to … Read more

Binance US to Discontinue USD Transactions and Move to Cryptocurrency-Only Platform

40 The news that Binance US is halting all USD business and going crypto-only has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community. Binance US, the American arm of the worldโ€™s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will no longer accept deposits or withdrawals of US dollars, effective immediately. The move is a major shift for the … Read more

$38 Million USD Worth of Bitcoin Awakens After 10 Years of Dormancy

18 It’s been a long time coming, but after 10.2 years, a dormant Bitcoin address containing 1,432 BTC (38M USD) has just been activated. This is a major event in the cryptocurrency world, as it’s the first time a dormant address of this size has been activated in over a decade. The address was first … Read more

Are There Any Reliable Services for Converting XMR to USD?

5 Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are looking for ways to convert their digital assets into cash. Monero (XMR) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and it is becoming increasingly easy to convert XMR to USD. If youโ€™re looking for a reliable and trustworthy service to convert XMR to USD, there … Read more

The USD/BTC Chart Reveals How Much the USD Has Depreciated Compared to Bitcoin

0 The USD/BTC chart is a powerful indicator of the changing value of the US dollar in comparison to Bitcoin. As the worldโ€™s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has become a popular alternative to traditional fiat currencies, and its value has been steadily increasing over the past few years. The USD/BTC chart shows how much the US … Read more

Solely 27 BTC had been traded final week in Venezuela measured solely utilizing LocalBitcoins, month-to-month minimal wage now at 11 USD.

As each week I submit this right here too. *Hello there, as all the time I submit these stats weekly.* *Final week it was a bit greater, 32 BTC. Nonetheless month-to-month common is round 120 BTC. Years in the past it was over 1,000 BTC for weeks!* *LocalBitcoins is just a reference as a result … Read more

If Binance fails you’ll be able to nonetheless redeem your BUSD for USD – however there’s a catch!!!

Lets put ourselves in a really darkish state of affairs: 1)You’ve BUSD both on CEX or in self custody 2)For no matter motive binance dies 3)BUSD is backed by PAXOS therefore no problemo Imma swap it for USD ezpz… or are you able to? Properly… sure however solely sure kind of BUSD So… BUSD is … Read more