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This time is unquestionably completely different, however my Hopium

My tackle how this cycle is unquestionably manner completely different than earlier ones. Proper now we now have the warfare in Ukraine, tensions in Taiwan, power disaster in Europe, historic inflation, provide chain points, governments taking part in round with their cbdc shitcoins, most first world governments getting scarily authoritarian – however right here’s what … Read more

This time IS completely different

The bear market of 2022 is completely different than all earlier crypto bear markets. We are going to most definitely NOT see a repeat of occasions which occurred beforehand. And there’s one metric that makes me assured of this perception. And that’s the virtually whole lack of capitulation from retail, and even bigger buyers. On-chain … Read more

PSA: There isn’t a restricted version Porsche/Rolls Royce/Adidas NFT. It is a rip-off.

Per week or two in the past, whereas mindlessly scrolling, a put up caught my eye. Rolls Royce was apparently providing a restricted version NFT drop to the primary 750 customers who signed up. I am unable to lie, it fooled me for a break up second – the thought of a high-end retailer doing … Read more