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Do You Feel Discouraged by the Fact That the Richest 2% of Bitcoin Wallets Own 94% of the Currency?

851 The Bitcoin network is a decentralized system, meaning that no single entity controls it. This means that anyone can participate in the network and have a say in how it works. However, it also means that the distribution of wealth within the network is not equal. Recent research has revealed that the top 2% … Read more

Simple Strategies for Securing Your Hot Wallets When Using Browser Extensions

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Is it protected to make use of Cake Pockets for giant exchanges?

I’ve learn just a few feedback from others throughout just a few subs saying to solely use Cake Pockets for small exchanges as a result of bigger ones can require KYC. Is that this true or am I protected to nonetheless use Cake Pockets for exchanges / sending XMR? Additionally what constitutes as a big … Read more

Deliver your greatest Doge PTR????https://www.clubhouse.com/be part of/ikes-tavern/S2g6AkQ8/xkLdk1BD?utm_medium=ch_invite&utm_campaign=I1npwJL7fsyMuvs9DU7iNQ-487885

Deliver your greatest Doge PTR????https://www.clubhouse.com/be part of/ikes-tavern/S2g6AkQ8/xkLdk1BD?utm_medium=ch_invite&utm_campaign=I1npwJL7fsyMuvs9DU7iNQ-487885

Am I the one one who’s simply SICK and TIRED of listening to about Sam Bankman-Fried? And here is the factor – we have got years extra of this….

Information article after information article, reddit put up after reddit put up, they proceed to say Sam Bankman-Fried and “why is not he in jail but”, and “the place did the cash go”, and calling him all kinds of names and simply, blah blah blah SBF blah blah blah. Man was a scammer. And scammers … Read more

Maple severs all ties with Orthogonal Buying and selling | Maple

https://maple.finance/information/maple-severs-all-ties-with-orthogonal-trading/ MAPLE SEVERS ALL TIES WITH ORTHOGONAL TRADING On account of materials misrepresentations relating to their monetary place, Maple has severed all ties with the dad or mum entity Orthogonal Buying and selling. Orthogonal Buying and selling had two enterprise arms beforehand related to Maple, credit score and buying and selling, which operated individually within … Read more

Coinbase repeatably making me confirm my ID.

So some time again I began off loading all my crypto from Coinbase to my ledger. At the moment I needed to confirm my ID to take action. Nonetheless previously sending funds from trade to trade was no downside. A number of weeks after that I purchased a bit of BTC and once I despatched … Read more

Many Crypto Peeps Will Grow to be Gold and Silver Bugs

Now I feel there historically has been quite a lot of crossover between Gold Bugs and Silver Collectors and crypto individuals, basically crypto is simply Gold 2.0, it is simpler to retailer and simpler to maneuver whereas sustaining most of the identical ideas and causes that Gold has lengthy been a retailer of worth and … Read more