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Safemoon founders have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering. It’s everything Coffeezilla and others have been calling them out on for years and the statement from the authorities is savage. Safemoon down 50% and counting.

From the iamverysmart community on Reddit: Bitcoiner with PhD in physics outlines his plan for retiring in 2-3 years.

30 years later…. How will you retell your stories about 2023 to your children and grand children, of the early years of Bitcoin opportunity, and all the boom and bust events you witnessed?

Considering that there are currently approximately 20 million people worldwide who possess investable capital of 1 million US dollars, how realistic do you believe it is for 1 Bitcoin to be worth 1 million US dollars in 10 to 20 years?

Reddit is “sunsetting” community points, we’ve been working on a fully P2P Reddit alternative that uses smart contracts for community names and usernames for 2 years.

History: 8 years ago people on reddit were discussing the merits of Monero. The talking points are interestingly consistent to this very day.

13 years ago, a Bitcoin forum user lost 9000 BTC (worth around $630 at the time) due to a simple technical error, an amount that is now worth over $240 million.

Convince me I’m wrong,There’s even less adoption and use of crypto today than 6 years ago, we’ve taken a step backwards

Some facts of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, what happened during these 2 years?

Is getting from $1 to $10,000 MORE difficult than $10,000 to $100,000? We can soon tell coz Bitcoin took 8 years to get to $10k in 2017, so if it hits $100k BEFORE 2025 then it means we have accelerated adoption, and so BEFORE 2033 we will have $1M bitcoin.