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Technical query on fork decision


When a fork occurs, are all nodes conscious of the fork earlier than the subsequent block or is there a chance {that a} fork is occurring and a few nodes aren’t conscious of it ?

If there’s a chance of it taking place, how do nodes on the orphaned block get the knowledge of all different blocks on the opposite fork. To my understanding they may get a brand new block with the next top, and can select to comply with it, nonetheless they don’t have the earlier blocks to validate the block they acquired. Is there a message of ship me all blocks after this top that nodes can talk to one another ?

Sorry if it isn’t clear or if would not make sense, I’m additionally attempting to know 51% assaults and the way making a fork ‘silently’ after which broadcasting it to the community can work.

3 thoughts on “Technical query on fork decision”

  1. >Is there a message of send me all blocks after this height that nodes can communicate to each other ?

    Yes. That’s actually how new nodes download the blockchain. They connect to an existing node and say, “Tell me the hashes of all the blocks in your most-work chain, starting at the genesis block,” and then they start requesting the data for each block.


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