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7 thoughts on “Ten Years Later: This is What Vitalik Thinks Blockchain is Good For (and What it is Not)”

  1. tldr; Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has named decentralized stablecoins as “the most important Defi product,” with prediction markets, and other synthetic assets also being worthy of mention. He also believes there’s a place for decentralized finance (Defi) in the future, so long as it follows simple models centered around a select few basic functions.

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  2. No to centralized custodial defi based off wrapped Bitcoin and stables that are held by centralized custodians. No to defi that just trades centralized security shitcoins back and forth. No to stablecoins backed by dollars held by companies. No to DAOs that the CFTC will regulate out of usefulness(which was just regulatory arbitrage).

    Yes to money(POW Bitcoin).

    I guess more people have to lose money to custodians and scammers that inflate POS protocols, because they have no connection to reality, before they get it.


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