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The actual and solely lesson to be taught out of the FTX debacle…

is to take your cash out of exchanges.

Specifically for dogecoin shibes. I imply the purpose of the coin is to be a foreign money.
A foreign money is supposed for use not hoarded in some pockets, positively not in a pockets managed by a third get together middleman.

Crypto was invented to take away the necessity for middleman cash handlers, that’s the whole level.
Leaving your cash in exchanges is the antithesis of what cryptos are supposed to be.
As historical past has proven and with current occasions absolutely you will need to see that no change is simply too huge to fail.
However extra importantly is that it is best to have management of your cash.

Because it has been mentioned numerous of instances:
Not your keys, Not your crypto.

Nicely, you could have been informed.
If you happen to lose your cash attributable to an change failing do not come again to the neighborhood crying that “however nobody informed me”.


4 thoughts on “The actual and solely lesson to be taught out of the FTX debacle…”

  1. #THIS! 👍👍👍👍👍

    I find it sad how many people totally ignore the warnings we’ve been shouting for eight years now.

    But I guess greed will do that, eh? 🤷‍♂️


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