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12 thoughts on “The AI-Generated Artwork Debate Is Right here. And It is Very Messy.”

  1. Super tough to determine.

    However creative reinterpretation of existing art had always been a thing.

    This just takes it to another level and adds gray areas everywhere.

    Many will only see this as an issue because a computer is doing it “without effort”. If a human drew the whole lot by hand they likely wouldn’t have the same pushback.

    People place more value on things that take time to make.

  2. This is a long article but worth a read. It goes above and beyond PFPs, of course – it’s about artwork and the changing relationship of tech to it. It can get controversial when people train AI on an artist’s work without crediting them.. and/or use those generated works for their own income. But it can also be pretty awesome to see a string of words input into the system and an AI take on them. I’ve personally seen some really cool fan art examples of this on the r/Hyperion fan page. Like crypto’s relationship to the traditional financial system, AI’s relationship to art is going to be complicated, but it’s going to be relevant and a versatile tool for many.

  3. If it’s in the public domain, there’s nothing wrong with an AI engine using what any person would use to create something new. If you listen to the Beatles and then write a hit song, is it stealing if you borrow ideas or subtle melodies? It might be tired, repetitive, boring, derivative, etc. but I don’t think it’s stealing.

  4. > “This model seems like a really fun tool [for my] personal use, but in the hand of others, it seems completely unhealthy, especially without my consent and authorization. Those images are under copyright and you are not allowed to use [them] in any way.”

    This is what people used to say to try and get videotapes banned.

  5. tldr; Artificial intelligence prompt-based image generation tools like DALL-E, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion have opened up something of a Pandora’s Box. These tools combine artificial neural networks designed to produce images with language processing models used to handle text input. The three biggest players in the AI-generative art game are

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