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The businesses that helped create 2022’s ‘crypto winter’

The businesses that helped create 2022’s ‘crypto winter’

17 thoughts on “The businesses that helped create 2022’s ‘crypto winter’”

  1. Just this once I don’t think it’s fair to pin it on companies. The whole economy suffered a massive hit because of Covid only to have it followed by the whole mess with Russia and Ukraine. Shit’s been tough.

  2. tldr; The day Sam Bankman-Fried’s portrait graced the cover of Forbes in October 2021, cryptocurrency was a $2.2 trillion market — a valuation that would swell past $3 trillion a month later. Then 29 and one of the youngest self-made billionaires to land on the ranking, he touted plans to give away his $22.5 billion fortune for the good of humanity.

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