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23 thoughts on “The Dream of Carbon Air Capture Edges Toward Reality”

  1. Carbon capture can only ever be part of the solution. If we’re to mitigate what is already a crisis we need immediate drastic changes in many sectors. It’s a good thing that this technology is advancing, but in no way can it be our sole savior.

  2. We have been extracting oil and coal from the earth to burn for the last 100+ years. That is carbon that was not in the carbon cycle. We need to find a way to put carbon back into the earth and get it out of the cycle. Going carbon neutral will not do anything to slow down the rate of climate change.

    I vote cutting down all trees and putting them into open pit mines then cover them up. This will take the carbon stored in the trees that would end up being released back into the air when the tree decomposes or is burnt. Plant lots more trees to suck up more carbon and repeat. This will get large quantities of carbon back into the ground and cover up the pit mines that pocket the earth.

  3. Am I the only one who remembers a scene from Star Trek (could be Next Generation, or something after that) where they go back to earth and there are these massive CO2 capture towers? I guess I am, but my point is, we’re living the age of Star Trek, minus the world peace.

  4. It would be great if we had a brain and chose to capture the emissions at the point of release rather than trying to suck it out from the air.

    Can you imagine how much cheaper and more efficient that would be?

  5. > But major hurdles, including high costs

    Darn. I guess we’ll die, then.

    Not even joking. People will 100% prefer to kill huge swaths of the planet instead of doing an expensive thing.

    It’s tragic too, because Keynes’ refrain is so true: “Anything we can actually do, we can afford to do.” But, people are stuck in a mindset of “not enough money for it, so let’s sit on our hands and die instead.” What we should be doing is a Global “Manhattan Project” to save our lives, and printing any money needed to keep it operating until we’re out of the woods. What we’ll do instead is whine about inflation while we literally die.

  6. Carbon Capture is just an excuse to funnel tax payer money to the oil companies that have neglected the globe, neglected to reach their goals of CCS, put out misinformation campaigns, and taken the funds that could have been appropriated to actual neutral/green technologies.

    This is just some more clean coal bullshit that is too little, too late.

    Welcome to hell world folks, it’s going to be a hot one.

  7. According to the article, some day they may be able to get the cost down to $100 per metric ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere (its currently around $500).

    The plant mentioned in the article (Orca) can do 4,000 metric tons per year.

    Lets say we wanted to capture roughly 75% of all the carbon each year we emit (approx 27 billion metric tons). You would need 6,750,000 of these plants running. (Obviously you would just make them 1000x larger, and build 1000x fewer of them). If each plant costs approx. half a million dollars a year to run, that is roughly **3.4 Trillion** dollars per year to capture 75% of our emissions.

    Global GDP in 2019 was around 84 trillion dollars. 3.4 out of 84 Trillion honestly doesn’t sound that bad.

    Obviously scaling it from 1 plant to nearly 7 million plants (or 1000x fewer but much larger plants) is a massive task, but pushing for this technology would likely even drive costs down further and require a lot less cost.

  8. Just pictured an alternate reality where we start producing a valuable product from captured carbon and suddenly there are too many of these things and not enough carbon to sustain plant life

  9. This is a critical technology to advance us beyond fossil fuel.

    Carbon capture from the atmosphere combined with abundant renewable energy will let us create synthetic fuels to power airplanes and boats the otherwise would require fossil fuels to meet demand.

    Some transportation technology is just no viable using electric power.

    Hydrogen has fundamental issues with storage and reliance on extremely scarce metals.

    IMO Carbon capture is the first step to synthetic hydro carbons that are the only way society can completely transition to renewable energy.

  10. So, we take hydrocarbons, burn them so that the carbon links to oxygen for CO2, then bury the CO2… Seems like a good idea as long as you think of CO2 as bad… But we at what point will we worry about all the O2 that we are sequestering underground?

    Isn’t there some technology that breeds algae that someone was hoping to turn into biofuel? What if we just bred algae that could convert CO2 to O2 as quickly as possible then kill and bury the dead algae?

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