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The FUD is getting intense.

The FUD is getting intense.

22 thoughts on “The FUD is getting intense.”

  1. The analysts give the chance of BTC falling to $5000 in 2023 “non-zero”, so roughly the same likelihood of me learning to play the cello by the end of January.

    Mind you I am pretty tone deaf, can’t read music and don’t own a cello.

  2. I have a non zero probably of becoming an admin on this sub in 2023.

    My chances are still non-zero, considering I have no idea what I’m doing, do not know any of the admins personally, and have zero free time to actually do the job.

    But still. It’s a non-zero chance, so it’s still possible.

  3. So what they want is for you to do two things. Sell your Bitcoin and buy Gold.
    “”Robertsen says gold could re-establish itself as a safe haven, with investors flocking to the commodity for stability in times of market volatility.””
    Most people are not going to buy bricks of gold and store them at home, so what they need you to do is buy fractal gold notes. ( which its been reported that for every 1oz of gold there are possibly 10 gold notes. Fuck them.

    The investor groups want to do this with Bitcoin. Bitcoin ETFs and Large hedge groups like Fidelity offering bitcoin purchases will keep the price low. But Thats good for HODL ideology that we maintain.

  4. All I know is in the past it goes way lower than you would ever think. And it’s not the bottom until the crypto subs lose all hope and empty out. I still see a lot of hope so 5k would not really surprise me

  5. 950,000 btc wallet addresses own 1 btc
    There is a level off huge conviction.

    So what ever the fiat price is today tomorrow next week next month next year next halving I will keeping buying btc/sats each week and so will millions off people

    This won’t be an s curve this will be J curve.

    Sound money is what we want and in glad there’s millions off people in this space now.


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