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The place the “zoom-outers” at?

Bearish market, crashes, rug-pulls…, now bitcoin has been projected to go under 14k and now I discover the frequency of “when doubtful zoom out” posts has dropped dramatically. The place are the zoom out folks? Stepping into hibernation ready for the subsequent bull lure or did doubt lastly received them?

7 thoughts on “The place the “zoom-outers” at?”

  1. If you are in this for short-term gains, it’s probably a very scary time for you. Those that have been in this for many years (me included) have been able to detach bitcoin from fiat value. Bitcoin is the future, and I really do believe that no matter what any chart or “expert” thinks or says.

    Where are the zoom-outers? Probably enjoying life and getting ready for mass adoption.

  2. First off ANYONE telling you what price will do is either dumb, scamming, lying, or all the above.

    With that out of the way the “zoom outers” only care about price that don’t really care about the true value of bitcoin. Not fiat price, but a truly decentralized, public currency that no one can control


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