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The place to trade not utilizing plaid

My banking data was deleted from coinbase and so they need me to make use of plaid.
My financial institution that I have been with for 50 years refuses to work with plaid. They advised me that plaid desires my login credentials and so they then have entry to view all of my 4 accounts. My financial institution says if I give out my private data to 3rd events they will not help me any extra.

What different choices are on the market to switch cash and crypto with out utilizing third get together scams?

Ought to I am going to a unique financial institution and open a selected crypto account?
My banks says regardless of what number of accounts I’ve with then they’re all linked to 1 login and plaid then has entry to any accounts I’ve with them.
Strategy to a lot danger.

8 thoughts on “The place to trade not utilizing plaid”

  1. Same boat. My credit union doesnt sync with Plaid on some sites so I opened a savings account with an online credit union that was available on Plaid and transfer money into my ‘buy btc’ account at AlliantCreditUnion. Perhaps you can look into this option. I believe Swan offers direct ACH without the use of Plaid as well.

  2. I am holding my crypto on a physical wallet until the dust settles. Besides it not a good time to sell. I want to buy.. that’s easy.
    I might traid my btc for physical gold. I love being able to keep my money free from prying eyes.


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