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The World Is Studying Sooner Than Anticipated

2014 – Mt. Gox collapse: BTC suffered a large crash from Mt. Gox liquidity points

2022 – FTX collapse: BTC suffered a minor drop from FTX liquidity points. This could be very totally different had folks really had BTC saved in FTX. As an alternative it was all spinoff fiat junk coupled with crypto altcoins.

2030 – subsequent crypto change will endure an enormous liquidity disaster and Bitcoin worth will really skyrocket as a result of the jig is up.

3 thoughts on “The World Is Studying Sooner Than Anticipated”

  1. FTX showcased that bitcoin is not affected by it and that custodial accounts will eventually, always, fail. FTX proved bitcoin is immune to that. People do not realize it yet. No bitcoin issue happened. An ordinary scam artist swindlers people out of their money. Not a bitcoin problem.


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